19 de março de 2012

400 - 2011/2012 Psychoanalytical Notebooks 24: SUBJECT SUPPOSED TO KNOW

Messager 400 - 2011/2012

Psychoanalytical Notebooks 24: SUBJECT SUPPOSED TO KNOW

19 mars 2012
19 March 2012

Subject Supposed to Know

Subject Supposed to Know

Editorial: Natalie Wülfing

Our orientation

Jacques-Alain Miller: Psychoanalysis, the city and communities

Clinical section

Jean-Louis Gault: Chinese Chronicles

1 The two ways of speech

2 This is a walking stick

3 Me phunai

4 Mystery of incarnation

The end of analysis

Rose-Paule Vinciguerra: Towards a viable atheism?

Laure Naveau: The symptom at the end of an analysis

The subject supposed to know

Thomas Svolos: The-supposed-to-know-to-read-otherwise

Alicia Arenas: Comments on ‘The-supposed-to-know-to-read-otherwise’

Praxis with children

Jacques-Alain Miller: The child and knowledge

Eric Zuliani: The child who comes

Clinical practice

Florencia Fernandez Coria Shanahan: In me more than me

Contemporary issues

Francesca Biagi-Chai: An approach to the case of Harold Shipman


Pierre Naveau: Gerhard Richter, a panorama

Pierre-Gilles Guéguen: Shame, by Steve McQueen

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