25 de setembro de 2010

The cartels of the NLS "Towards London"

The London Society
of the New Lacanian School

Dear Colleagues
I hope there will be a number of London Society cartels participating in this year’s inter cartel Towards London, seeing that we are hosting the congress and are more intensely involved with the preparation. If you are interested in working in a cartel but you have questions about how to register, how to find other cartel members, or ‘Plus Ones’, just send me an email and I will try and put you in touch. See below for the second call for cartels by Luc Vander Vennet who is the new coordinator of cartels.

Messager 694

The cartels of the NLS “Towards London”

The cartels of the NLS « Towards London »

Early September (see NLS-Messager 688) an invitation to form cartels preparing the London-Congress has been disseminated. I remind you that the deadline for the registration of cartels is 30 September 20010.

The cartels can be registered by sending an mail to me (cartel@amp-nls.org) AND filling in the registration form on the site of the NLS (http://www.amp-nls.org/fr/template.php?sec=cartels&file=cartels/declaration.html).
Please specify in the mail and on the online registration form that the cartel is a cartel “TOWARDS LONDON” that wants to participate in the digital inter-cartel.

After this date, I will establish the list of the cartels that will participate in the inter-cartel. A first clinical vignette of 3200 signs will be expected for the end of October.

I ask all those who are responsible for the cartels in the different groups and societies to distribute this message amongst their members and participants. It would be very useful if they put themselves directly in contact with me.

The responsible for the cartels of the NLS “Towards London”

Luc Vander Vennet

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