29 de setembro de 2010

Lacanian Compass
Video-Seminar series
"Reading the Unconscious"

On Sunday, September 26, the Lacanian Compass hosted its first Video-Seminar in preparation for our upcoming Clinical Study Days on "Reading the Unconscious." Fabián Naparstek, a Member of the EOL in Argentina, joined us as our guest. Naparstek presented a very carefully argued text on "The Masculine Unconscious," in which he advanced several propositions on the the theme that the unconscious is masculine, which led to a very stimulating conversation. We also heard a case presentation by Fernando Schutt, a Member of the NEL in Miami, which demonstrated the place for psychoanalysis in agency settings and the psychoanalytic approach to a case of so-called fibromyalgia.

Our next Video-Seminar is scheduled for October 31. Our guest is Elisa Alvaregna from the EBP in Brazil, who will present on "What is the Importance of Dreams in Psychoanalysis Today." We will also have a Case Presentation by Fabio Azaredo, a Member of NYFLAG in New York.

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