8 de setembro de 2010

The NLS Congress Preparatory Seminar of the London Society:

The London Society
of the New Lacanian School

Dear Colleagues,

Please note the finalised version of this year’s NLS Congress Preparatory Seminar of the London Society.

In the attachment you will find the argument by Anne Lysy, president of the NLS, for next year’s congress here in London, together with the bibliography that we will work on for the whole year.

This Seminar must be registered for.

It indicates the Seminar’s special status as an intensive and committed space for working. Not limited to London Society members only, those who wish to participate in the clinical mornings, 10.30 – 12.30, who are clinicians themselves can make their desire known to Veronique Voruz by email: vmmv1@leicester.ac.uk

The theoretical afternoons 2.30 – 5.00 pm are open to the public, who can register by replying to this email. The fee for all 5 events is £80

The Seminar will take place on Saturdays
Malet St
London WC1
Bloomsbury Suite, 2nd floor

Kind Regards

Natalie Wulfing

· 16 October 2010: The Unconscious

Main speaker: Anne Lysy
Guest speaker (NLS): Christiane Ruffieux
LS speaker: Penny Georgiou

Case presentations: Natalie Wülfing, Hara Pepeli

· 13 November 2010: Repetition

Main speaker: Alexandre Stevens
Guest speaker (NLS): Michele Miech
LS speaker: Adrian Price

Case presentations: Victoria Woollard, Roger Litten

· 4 December 2010: Transference

Main speaker: Geert Hoornaert
Guest speaker (NLS): Martine Coussot
LS speaker: Natalie Wülfing

Case presentations: Véronique Voruz, Heather Chamberlain

· 5 February 2011: The Drive

Main speaker: Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
Guest speaker (NLS): Philippe Bouillot
LS speaker: Philip Dravers

Case presentations: Julia Evans, Michele Julien

· 5 March 2011: The Desire of the Analyst

Main speaker: Pierre Naveau
Guest speaker (NLS): Lieve Billiet
LS speaker: Betty Bertrand

Case presentations: Bogdan Wolf, Penny Georgiou


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