17 de dezembro de 2010

16-2010/2011 Seminar on the Pass in London: THE ENDS OF ANALYSIS, 18 Dec. 2-5pm

Messager 16 - 2010/2011

Seminar on the Pass in London

Seminar on the Pass in London


A Seminar on the Pass of The London Society, organised by Bogdan Wolf, with Anne Lysy, recently nominated Analyst of the School (AS) and president of the New Lacanian School.

Saturday, 18 DECEMBER 2010, 2.00 - 5.00pm

ULU, Malet St, London WC1

Under this heading, we continue the exploration of the logical moments that mark the end of analysis. For Lacan the analytical process is finite. At the end, when there is time to conclude, there is time to testify to the analytical process, its unfoldings and constructs. To whom? To those who went through the same proces, Lacan said. To conclude means to act. Lacan constructed his school around the axis of the experience of analysis and its ends. The link between the formalisation of the experience of analysis and the analyst of the school will therefore be found at the core of what constitutes the school and its analytical community. This workshop will focus on a testimony by Anne Lysy who has kindly agreed to speak about and share with us her experience of the end of analysis.

Chair: Veronique Voruz

Bogdan Wolf: Introductory Remarks

Richard Klein: "The Desire to Obtain Absolute Difference"


Anne Lysy: "To End or not to End: 'Gotta Go for it!' "

Some considerations about what is the “end”. Is there such a thing as an end, taken from the point of view of the Sinthome? If there was, how would we define it? There is an act, and there is “detachment", there is “hesitating” too, and then there is assuming the fact that there is “no last word”.

In order to create an atmosphere of inquisitive participation and conversation, the organisers ask that we read Anne Lysy's pass testimony published in Hurly Burly 4, p.15 under the title "Gotta Go For It" to prepare questions and comments for an engaging discussion.

Helpful reading:

- A. Lysy, 'Gotta Go For It!' in Hurly Burly, No 4, October 2010, p.15

- J. Lacan, 'Proposition of 9 October 1967 on the Psychoanalyst of theSchool, trans. R. Grigg, in Analaysis, No 6, 1995,

- J. Lacan, 'The Situation of Psychoanalysis and the Training of Psychoanalysts in 1956' in Ecrits, trans. B Fink, 2006,

- J. Lacan, Preface in Seminar XI, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis, trans. A. Sheridan, Hogarth Press, London,

1977, p. Vii-iX

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